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Aichun Beauty’s Beard Growth Essential – Beard Oil for Fast Beard Growth

Aichun Beauty’s Beard Growth Essential is the Newest beard repair growth solution now. It’s active ingredients is a compound of various Essential Oils such as angelica extract, palm oil, tea tree oil, etc.These active ingredients forcefully activates and revitalizes Dormant Hair Follicle cells making them to enter the active state of beard growth.

After the hair follicle cells are activated, the cells divide and hence the area of beard growth increases as well as the length of the hair.A variety of nutrients are absorbed by these hair follicle cells ensuring a fully nourish beard leaving it black. supple and of full texture.


Apply and Massage 2 times a day, Ensure an unhindered continuous usage for 1 -2 months straight for best results.

Key Features:

Essential Nutrition for Black,Supple and Full Textured Beard

Activates and Revitalizes Dormant Hair Follicle Cells

Activates and Accelerates Facial Hair Growth


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