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LANBENA Acne Scar Removal Serum
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Brand: Lanbena
LANBENA Acne Scar Removal Serum Acne Treatment Remove Stretch Marks Whiten Acne Spots Shrink Pores Smoothing Repairing Skin Care Effective scar removalFade Scar MelaninRemover Stretch MarksPockmark Repair Product name: Lanbena Scar Removal Stretch MarksSpecifications: 20mlEffects: Plant ..
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Lanbena Scar Gel Remover For Acne Stretchmarks and scars
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Brand: Lanbena
Effects: Pit caused by acne,pimple scars,insect bites mark,rub mark and so on ;effectively help to remove: burns,cuts,operation mark and the mark that influence the beauty Skin Types: Suitable for various skin types Caution: Use it several times daily.before use, clean and disinfect the wounds o..
29.00AED 65.00AED
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