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Return Policy

7 Days Returns Policy

You have 7 days to make a refund request/store credit after your order has been delivered successfully, *some of the situations we need additional requirements:

  1. Clothes/Wearable’s (except innerwear’s) are treated as hygienic items, so they have only 3 days to make a refund Returns are not applicable.
  2. Specific categories like inner-wear, lingerie, socks, toys (no self-package), clothing and freebies etc.
  3. Any consumable item which has been used or installed already.
  4. Products with tampered or missing serial numbers from your side.
  5. Anything missing from the package you have received including price tags, labels, original packing, freebies and accessories.
  6. Scratched Fragile items, hygiene related item.
  7. Other specific items.

The below items which cannot be returned are:

  1. Flash sale items with No-Return Policy
  2. Products with notes which states so specifically that the item cannot be returned
  3. Products like; Underwear’s, Skinny tight wears, Software, Music albums, CD’s, Perfumes & Cosmetics

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Return Policy